Case Studies

Tyndale Bibles

In 2009 the ebook revolution was taking off, and Tyndale House Publishers needed to convert its catalog of backlist and frontlist Bibles to ebooks and app data packages. Sean led the team that designed and built an XML-based content archive for all Tyndale Bible content.

As a result, all Tyndale Bible ebooks were automatically built and rebuilt from this central content repository.

As an added benefit, the typesetting team saved hundreds of hours on several projects by roundtripping the typesetting information in the XML content files.

“Sean’s knowledge of the technologies involved in publishing is unmatched. His ingenuity has saved Tyndale countless hours over the years.” —Pat LaCosse, Composition Manager, Tyndale House Publishers

Tyndale Portfolio

Crossway Books

In 2014 Crossway Books approached us wanting to implement a server-based content archive that would integrate with their publication management system and automate ebook production automatically from typeset interiors.

In close collaboration with the digital and book teams, Book Genesis built them this system, enabling Crossway to cost-effectively manage their growing product list.

“Sean did an outstanding job of helping us adapt our existing processes for improved production with minimal disruption. His own experience enabled him to hear and effectively address the concerns expressed by our staff in response to technical changes.” —Greg Bailey, Managing Editor, Crossway Books

Powers Communications / USPS

Powers Communications had a contract with the USPS to produce the annual USPS Guide to Stamps, so they asked Book Genesis to help them deliver print and ebook interiors.

Book Genesis created a MySQL-to-XML workflow that enabled us to typeset the interior and compose the ebooks quickly and repeatedly from changing source data.

“We have been incredibly impressed with Sean’s professionalism, knowledge, work ethic, attitude, and delivered products. He’s been a pleasure to work with.” —Neil Levin, Partner and Technology Director, Powers Communications

Powers Communications Portfolio

Kogan Page

Kogan Page, a prolific publisher of business titles based in London, was looking for a way to streamline their print and ebook production process while increasing quality. They turned to us to design a workflow around an XML content schema so that their team could quickly and reliably validate that their print and ebook interiors.

As digital accessibility came into greater focus in the industry starting in 2017, we were able to include strong automated accessibility validation into Kogan Page’s workflow.

As a result, Kogan Page scored the highest Global Certified Accessible score at the 2019 CSUN Assistive Technology Conference, crediting Book Genesis for their success.

“THANK YOU! — for guiding us towards an automated workflow and schema that truly suits our business. We could not have had a better partner on this journey.” —Martin Klopstock, Operations Director, Kogan Page


PPI, a leading publisher of test-preparation manuals for professional engineering exams, wanted to offer their engineering manuals as ebooks to increase their market. They were, however, having difficulty finding a solution to deliver their publications in ebook formats.

Book Genesis built and delivered a web-server-based ebook production application that enables PPI to automate their ebook production from their XML sources, including accurate and automatic conversion of data tables, source images, and complex mathematics.

PPI Portfolio

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