Mature Content

We do permit mature content on Book Genesis services, including text, images and videos that contain nudity, offensive language, and mature subject material. However, websites that contain such content must be marked as Mature in our system.

If you are publishing content that is intended for mature audiences, we ask that you provide us the courtesy of reporting your site here.

A content that is marked as Mature is excluded from public areas of Book Genesis services. Mature content and its owners are permitted to utilize all other aspects of Book Genesis services. We do not suspend accounts or sites solely for the presence of mature content, and there are no interstitials or other “age gates” on Book Genesis services.

However, there are limitations to the mature content permitted on our service. Please don’t:

  • Post visual depictions of sexually explicit acts (such as, but not limited to, images, videos, and drawings) that can be considered pornographic;
  • Post links or ads to adult-oriented affiliate networks, such as pornography site signups;
  • Post links, text, or images promoting or advertising escort or erotic services;
  • Post images of extreme violence or gore. Exceptions may include posts which relate to world events, and which have associated context or commentary;
  • Post images of child pornography;
  • Post content that promotes pedophilia, such as sites with galleries of images of children where the images, content surrounding the images, or the intent of the blog is sexually suggestive.

If you have found mature content on Book Genesis services, please

report the content using our contact form. Our staff will review the content and take action as necessary.

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