Workflow Development

Many of our customers need more efficient and cost-effective publishing systems. They have special requirements for their content, and they want results that meet higher standard of quality. The Book Genesis team listens carefully and thoughtfully collaborates with publishers to develop award-winning publishing workflow systems. Here are some brief examples of our collaborations:

  • A global publisher of business books made the commitment to publish only accessible ebooks. They also wanted a more reliable workflow that would ensure that production vendors were meeting high standards of quality. To accomplish this, together we developed a comprehensive content schema and set of stylesheets that cover their product line in all formats. We also implemented a custom EPUB validation tool that they and their vendors use. The benefits have been many: Production processes are much more standardized and therefore more efficient; editors are able to prepare files in Word that flow seamlessly through the rest of the process; and the publisher’s ebooks all validate according to industry standards for accessibility. As a result, this publisher has won industry-wide recognition for the accessibility of their ebooks.

    “[Book Genesis] is responsible for our XHTML Schema and all the accessibility awards [we] have won in the last 2 years.... Sean is one of those rare people who doesn't just “talk” but provides well-thought-out solutions; he is the “expert’s expert”. You can't go wrong if you engage with him.” —Operations Director

  • A publisher of professional engineering exam preparation materials had developed a sophisticated system for maintaining their publication content in DocBook XML with EPS art and automating the creation of publication-ready PDFs. They needed to start publishing ebooks and wanted to do it the same way: Maintain their content in the single XML+EPS source archive and automate the creation of the ebooks from those source files. We built a custom desktop ebook production tool for them which converts the XML and EPS image files to EPUB. (Later, we converted this tool into a container-based microservices application that can be deployed on the publisher’s cloud infrastructure.) As with the print production process, so with the ebook system: Figures and tables are numbered automatically by chapter; all tables of contents and navigation are created from the interior content; indexes are compiled from index entries embedded in the content; and MathML formulas are converted to images. For these highly complex products, the system produces ebooks that the publisher can be proud of and readers can benefit from.

  • A well-known independent publishing ministry that publishes Bibles in several translations needed to begin publishing ebooks for its specialty and study Bibles. We created an XML Bible content archive with multi-translation support, product roundtripping between XML and InDesign, and automated ebook builds. As a result, the publisher is able to maintain all of their Bible content in a centralized content archive; they can output files for another print edition or a new ebook on demand. They also use this Bible content archive to produce content packages for their innovative and successful mobile Bible applications.

    “Sean’s knowledge of the technologies involved in publishing is unmatched. His ingenuity has saved [us] countless hours over the years.” —Composition Manager

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